For You's Mission

Dedicated to everyone and anyone who has ever wrongly felt shame or dislike for themselves and their bodies. 

       For You’s target audience works to include both girls and boys, those of the LGBTQ+ community, and representation for people of color. Having been an eating disorder and body positive advocate for quite some time, the For You team has seen and experienced first hand the unfair underrepresentation minority populations and genders experience in recognition and awareness for eating disorders and body image struggles. These people deserve to get the same level of attention, voice, and representation as others do. We can’t discriminate against them anymore, and we won’t. 

Cheers to a newer and better era. 

Founder's Story

    On March 11th, 2021 I launched the most daring, risky, and unpredictable project I had ever embarked on, creating my organization For You. What did I hope to accomplish running this organization? How was I going to make an actual difference in people's lives? What kind of message did I want to leave on my community?


    My relationship with my body was sour from the day I stepped foot into elementary school. Having been bullied by my peers consistently for what I looked like, I was traumatized into a toxic and degrading mentality that launched me into a 8 year cycle of dieting and hating myself. When I was 14, this cycle hit its lowest point and I developed a full blown eating disorder. 


    When finally prompted by my loved ones to pursue the gruelling, but entirely worthwhile, process of recovering from an eating disorder, I began to finally face the hard truth. And it was this, I lived in a society where it was normal to criticize and hate yourself on a regular basis. Where extreme dieting, unhealthy weight control methods, and chronic insecurity where battles you were supposed to fight, and mind you, alone, with no one knowing. 


     I started noticing how that extreme pressure to conform to society’s impossible beauty standards was weighing not only me, but my peers down as well. It dawned on me that I wasn’t alone, but I also uncovered how stigmatized the topic of eating disorders and body dysmorphia was in youth today. For example, there was no youth organization in my community that openly advocated body positivity, eating disorder awareness and prevention, as well as youth empowerment.  To me, this was my que to be the first. 


     As the CEO and founder, the questions I asked myself in the beginning of this journey still stick with me everyday. In short, I created this organization because I hope to give kids a changed world, one where you can be unquestionably beautiful, handsome, empowered, and confident just the way you are. And whether that be through our blog posts and podcasts, our published book or magazines, and our in-person and virtual events, I hope we can root this message deep in our community, and let it spread through generations. 


Kelsey Wu

Founder and CEO


Meet The Executive Board

My interests and passions are all wrapped into this organization I made. With an avid passion in Public Health and Government, as well as a personal interest in activism for youth empowerment, body posivity, and eating disorder prevention and awareness i started For You in hopes that thousands of youths across the nation would be able to hear our message.
Happiness is the best medicine in my eyes! Outside of For You, I enjoy swimming and want to do my best to use my voice and knowledge to help end the eating disorder epidemic and low self esteem in youths.
I love learning new things and broadening my horizons. I also enjoy being in For You since I relate to the cause so much and want to be able to help people of all identities learn to love themselves and 
I have a passion for reading mangas., fantasy, science fiction, and action novels. I love learning and researching about mental health, nutrition and health as well as psychology. I am a huge advocate for eating disorder prevention and awareness because every single person deserves to feel beautiful no matter their race, ethnicity, size, and shape.
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Kelsey Wu

Founder, CEO, and Director of Policy, Advocacy, and Legislation Dept.

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Nikki Tse

Director of Workshop and Events Dept.

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Mercedes O'Neil

Vice Director of Social Media and Digital Relations Dept.

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Kelly Wang

Vice Director of Fellowship Dept.


Grace Ramirez

Director of Social Media and Digital Relations Dept.


Tasmia Afrin

Director of Fellowship Dept.

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Tracy Wang

Vice Director and Workshop and Events Dept.

Some of my recent interests are finding new music to listen to and solving puzzles. Im inspired and excited to be on the For You Executive Board so that I can have a way of being a part of the cause to grow people's self worth and self-love.
I love designing and creating art as a way to channel my creativity. When I joined For You, I saw an opportunity for me to use my passion to help connect and outreach to others who might be struggling or in need of someone to give them a voice. This is something I wish I had during my own experiences, so I love being able to spread this message and grow this organization with our media and digital relations.
I love playing waterpolo, swimming, and watching action movies. My passion is to empower more youths to embrace themselves, feel confident in the way they are, and let them learn self-love and realize their value isn't equivalent to their body size!