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Implementing ED prevention curriculums in schools

For You is dedicated to cutting the epidemic of eating disorders off at the source. In association with Be Real USA and The Eating Disorders Coalition, For You has been working with local educational institutions as well as federal level legislation to start implementing Eating Disorder Prevention Curriculums in schools. We have been working heavily with various elementary and middle school boards to establish a curriculum to educate children about unhealthy and healthy eating habits, body image, and self confidence. During October, our founder Kelsey Wu spoke before congressional members and congressional interns to speak on the importance of eating disorder prevention measures in schools and to introduce the Mental Health for Kids Act. By doing so, we strongly believe that we can end eating disorders among future generations.
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Increasing Mental Health and Eating Disorder Awareness through Literacy

Education is one of the greatest ways to hone in a life skill. One of our bravest intiatives yet involves getting discussion of mental health and eating disorder awareness in the books of young kids. This winter of 2021, our founder Kelsey Wu is working to publish her own children's book centered around eating disorder prevention and body confidence. The For You team intends to take the book and get it into local educators and elementary classrooms for teaching. 

Promoting Positive Usage of Social Media

Being apart of generation Z, our team knows first hand how negative social media has on a person's mental health and perception of their self-worth. Working in a variety of legislation and campaign work, we are undercovering these effects on youth first hand, and at the same time promoting ways to combat the native effects and be a positive light in the social media world. 



We have released our book! Check it out below. 

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