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For You's current Acts

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California Bill CA AB 1341

For You and other youth organizations have been able to work with the Strategic Training Initiative for the Prevention of Eating Disorders- Harvard Striped to pass AB 1341, which prohibits the selling of weight loss supplements and diet pills to minors in California. Click on the picture to the left to watch Kelsey Wu's testimony.

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New York Senate Bill S16D and Assembly Bill A431C

These bills restrict the sale of over-the-counter (OTC) diet pills & dietary supplements for minors in NY. 

This year, For You helped to get the NY Bill pass the Senate floor vote and onto the Assembly floor vote. It nearly passed and would have made it onto the governor's desk for a signature, however the bill was voted against passing this threshold. 

These bills restrict the sale of over-the-counter (OTC) diet pills & dietary supplements for minors in NY

However, A431C and CA AB 1341 are two very alive bills that will be picked right back up in session during January 2021.

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Nutrition CARE Act

For You began partnering with the EDC during May of 2021 to aid in the efforts to pass the Nutrition CARE Act (H.R 1551/S. 584), a bill that is currently in the federal law system and has been working its way through the US congress and senate. 


If passed the Nutrition CARE Act would provide outpatient Medical Nutrition Therapy services (dietitian services) under Medicare for individuals affected by eating disorders.



For You is also a proud advocate and organizer for the federal bill the SERVE Act (S.194). 


The SERVE Act aims to improve early identification, access to care, and quality of care for servicemembers and military family members affected by eating disorders.


In June, Kelsey also met with the offices of Congresswoman Young Kim and Senator Padilla to discuss their sponsorship of the bill, where Congresswoman Young Kim agreed to sign on as a cosponsor for the SERVE ACT after Kelsey and her's meeting.

Take a look at For You's Legislation 


Improving Mental Health and Wellness in Schools Act

H.R.5526/S.2930 is a bipartisan bill that was introduced October of 2021 in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.  Representatives Kathy Manning (D-NC-06) and Vicky Hartzler (R-MO-04) and Senators Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Cynthia Lummis (R-WY)  champion this legislation. The bill is aimed to promote the necessity of mental health education, including education on eating disorders, in schools to support our nation’s youth. Last October, Kelsey Wu was a featured panelist of the EDC Congressional briefing where she spoke before Congress on the necessity of Policy solutions for mental health in schools. 


CA Kid Age  Appropriate Design Code Act

CA AB 2273 was signed into law in California in September of 2022. As an organization, members of For You assisted in garnering support for the bill and our founder Kelsey Wu was invited before various congregations such at the White House Domestic Policy Staff and the Look Up Live International Youth Summit to speak on her experiences with the bill. Read more about the bill and its successes by clicking to on the image in the left. 

Accomplishments/ highlights


During the summer, the legislative team at For You meet with Congresswoman Young Kim and Senator Padilla to advocate for the SERVE Act, this November of 2021, Congresswoman Young Kim agreed to sign onto the bill.

Over the Fall, our founder Kelsey has been working extensively with the EDC and Harvard Striped to introduce the Improving Mental Health and Wellness Act in schools bill into the federal Congress and Senate. Following the EDC's Congressional Briefing where Kelsey spoke amongst Congressional members, the bill was introduced in both houses.  

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In May of 2021, Kelsey was invited to advocate virtually on Capitol Hill along Harvard STRIPED to support the Nutrition CARE and SERVE ACT. 

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In September of 2022 Kelsey met with White House Domestic Policy Staff to discuss her background and impact as teen growing up with social media.

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