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At For You we believe that one of the best ways to promote the eating disorder prevention movement and spread body confidence, is to involve the community as much as possible. That is why we organize both virtual and in-person events so we can have  meaningful discussions, share impactful stories, and conduct empowering exercises together. 

Types of events: 











  • Includes discussions, guest speakers, yoga classes, activities






  • Social gatherings, panels, fundraisers, school seminars, informational meetings, awareness weeks














For You hosts a multitude of events and workshops each month. Please follow us on our socials for frequent updates on upcoming events or check back on our website for more updates. 

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Our organization is based out of the Los Angeles area in CA, USA. As of now, all of our In Person events are being held in the LA area until further notice. For You is actively taking steps to follow COVID 19 precautions and restrictions during our In Person events.